Starfield player’s in-game parents visit The Lodge at the worst possible time

Noelle Corbett
Screenshot of The Lodge from Starfield with Constellation inside

A Starfield player returning to The Lodge during one of the game’s most emotional missions was surprised to find their parents had stopped by for a visit.

One of the traits available in Starfield gives players something that is quite a rarity in RPGs: living parents.

With the Kid Stuff trait, players are able to visit their parents and receive gifts from them, though they have to send 2% of their credits to them each in-game week. The player’s parents can also be found while exploring the universe.

The protagonist’s parents can check on them at Constellation’s headquarters , The Lodge – even if it’s really no time for a social visit.

Note, spoilers for the “High Price to Pay” quest to follow.

Starfield parents can visit during “High Price to Pay”

As Reddit user its-the-meatman shared, it’s possible for a character with the Kid Stuff trait to have their parents visit The Lodge towards the end of the quest “High Price to Pay.”

Those who have played this quest will know there’s no worse time for a visit, as The Lodge was just under attack by a Starborn warrior called the Hunter. The player has the option to go to The Eye or defend The Lodge, but either way, one companion will die.

The screenshot they shared – which shows the player’s mother looking around and saying “This place is everything I imagined” – even features Barrett’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood in the background.

It’s a gruesome sight made darkly hilarious by Mom seeming to enjoy the view or, at the very least, being wholly unable to read the room.

This isn’t the only place where players have been surprised to see their parents. Some have run into them on the cyberpunk planet Neon, where they even encourage their child to try Aurora, a hallucinogenic drug that’s illegal everywhere else.

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