Starfield mod looks to bring its “limited” Outposts in line with Fallout 4

Starfield FalloutBethesda

A comprehensive Starfield mod is giving players way more freedom when constructing Outposts. The new systems added look to take inspiration from Fallout 4’s settlements.

Like any Bethesda game, Starfield is made infinitely better with mods. Thanks to the company’s forthright mod support, even on consoles, players have been able to get the most out of their products.

While Starfield won’t have official mod support until 2024, PC gamers have been hard at work on their own creations. Sure some of them are just injecting Thomas the Tank Engine into the game but there’s some useful stuff like ship calling too.

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Adding to the latter camp, Nexus Mods user LuxZg has created the B.A.S.E mod for Starfield. This mod adds a host of new construction mechanics to Starfield’s Outpost system that recalls the Settlements of Fallout 4.

Starfield B.A.S.E ModNexus Mods: LuxZg
LuxZg shows off some of what you can do with B.A.S.E

“Starfield Outpost building is a dream come true! Until you realize how limited it is,” LuxZg offers in explanation for why they decided to create B.A.S.E. They also expand on its meaning.

It stands for Building Advanced Space Encampments and despite LuxZg’s insistence that “the name says it all”, they do elaborate on the mod’s features. “No more pre-made hubs only,” they claim. “You can now build actual buildings.”

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The mod allows plates to select objects like floors, wall pieces, windows, stairs, and roofs and snap them together to form custom Outposts. It’s a massive expansion on the existing mechanic and there’s more to come.

LuxZg announced plans to add “Complete catwalks, even more staircase variations to fill every need, more lengths and heights, angular and circular pieces, and more prefabs”. They also encouraged players to send requests for anything else they might desire.

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An outpost in StarfieldBethesda Softworks
Starfield’s Outpost building allows players to use pre-fab structures, but not build their own from scratch.

Certain fans of the game should definitely be excited for this one given that the Starfield community has been hounding Bethesda for an Outpost-focused DLC. While it’s not an official expansion, it should certainly make do in the meantime.

If you’re a console player waiting on mod support for Starfield but you still want to get the most out of your Outposts, we’ve got a heap of guides for the game that might help.

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