Stardew Valley player discovers little-known secret after 2000 hours of gameplay

Jake Nichols
Stardew Valley map

Just when we thought we knew everything about Stardew Valley, a seasoned player uncovered an adorable discovery – you can actually tuck your plushies into bed.

Despite the game’s release over seven years ago and this player’s whopping 2,000+ hours of gameplay, this cute feature remained unknown to most players until now.

Sharing the find in Reddit’s Stardew Valley community, ‘youkaymelis’ detailed their accidental encounter with the feature. The user had been redecorating their in-game house when they inadvertently positioned a plush bear on the bed instead of their intended location.

To their surprise, the bear appeared cozily tucked in, inciting a wave of reactions from fellow Stardew Valley enthusiasts.

“This is the greatest discovery in a while,” one user commented, reflecting the sentiment of a community always eager for new aspects of gameplay to explore.

The entire comments section echoed the surprise, expressing disbelief at the newly revealed feature.

The discovery quickly led to a flurry of comments as players expressed their amazement and curiosity about how to replicate the feature in their own games.

The veteran player explained, “I just upgraded the house in my newest file, so I was moving things around and tried to put the bear in the middle of the beds like I always do, but I moved them wrong, and he wound up in the bed, and I was like !!!!!! If you just face the bed and place it, it should pop right in!”

Stardew Valley Night Market
Even the most experienced Stardew Valley players continue to uncover delightful secrets

The community embraced the discovery, with comments highlighting the appeal of the tucked-in plushies. Another player mentioned, “I love how the bear looks like he’s actually cuddled up and taking a nap, so cute!”

The hidden feature adds another layer to the player’s ability to personalize their farm and living space, underscoring Stardew Valley’s depth and detail that continue to captivate players even thousands of hours in.

The tucked-in plushie secret, an adorable detail in an already richly designed world, underscores why gamers keep coming back to Stardew Valley.

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