Why Logitech G Cloud is the ultimate lounge gaming console

Logitech G Cloud HandheldLogitech

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Logitech’s G Cloud handheld has transformed at-home gaming since its release last year, and we’re here to explain how it’s managed to do so.

Released in September 2022, Logitech became the first major company to release an Android-based Cloud Gaming device with the G Cloud handheld console.

In our first look at the device, we revealed our first thoughts on it becoming the go-to at-home handheld for gaming enthusiasts through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), Nvidia GeForce Now, and Steam Link.

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Now that we’ve had our hands on the device for a few months, we’re here to explain how the Logitech G Cloud has transformed gaming at home.

No downloads needed, just grab and play

With traditional consoles and PC games, you’ve gotta make sure the game is installed before you sit down to play. Depending on your internet speeds, this could either make or break a gaming session.

Thanks to the Logitech G Cloud, all you have to do is grab it and open your favorite cloud gaming app — whether it be Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) or Nvidia Geforce Now.

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Not having to worry about downloads (or updates) means more time for gaming, which everyone can agree is a good thing.

Logitech has also just added the ability to install progressive web apps onto the G Cloud as well, meaning users can place websites directly on the launcher’s home page for easy access to even more games.

Cloud Gaming Handheld on Stack of Comic BooksLogitech
The Logitech G Cloud makes playing easier.

Cloud Gaming offers little to no latency

Thanks to apps like Nvidia Geforce Now and Steam Link, gamers can broadcast their favorite games to the Logitech G Cloud with little to no latency.

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Although GeForce Now does require a monthly or yearly subscription, it allocates users to high-end cloud machines running 30 series and 40 series graphics cards for the best performance possible.

In our testing, we’ve found the Nvidia servers to be an almost 1:1 experience to natively installed games with no noticeable lag in Fortnite or Cyberpunk 2077 through the service.

Steam Link is much of the same, minus the monthly fee. Instead, you’re streaming the game from your personal gaming PC. Using Steam Link does mean you can’t use your computer for other things during your game session, but for lounge gaming, it doesn’t really make a bit of difference.

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When it comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming, we can say that our experience has been rather pleasant on most games like Forza Horizon, Halo Infinite, and Slime Rancher 2

Improved Joystick response, curve, and sensitivity adjustments allow users to customize the responsiveness in FPS games. Logitech G Cloud’s recently added screenshot improvements allow users to smoothly show off their latest Victory Royale.

Logitech Cloud HandheldLogitech
Cloud Gaming offers little to no latency.

Extension of gaming console or PC — not a replacement

Over the last few years, an increasing number of businesses have turned to remote work — but not every company provides employees with hardware for the job.

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This means that many people may be spending their day at their PC gaming setup, and after eight hours of work just want to get away from their desk. Pair that with a couple of kids playing video games or a spouse watching their favorite TV show on the living room TV, and gaming may not be super accessible.

Thanks to the Logitech G Cloud, you can grab the device and hang out on the couch alongside the rest of your family with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), Nvidia Geforce Now, or Steam Link.

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The device’s 12-hour battery life, based on normal play conditions, means that you hardly have to worry about making sure it is charged after a long day of work, and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can continue the same game save across your console, G Cloud, and PC.

Logitech has also recently introduced The Lab, their very own program within the G Cloud Handheld that will be used to introduce new test features on the device like their new virtual button remapping software that’s available now. Logitech also revealed that features added to The Lab will be ones highly requested by fans across the world. 

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Thanks to Logitech’s new virtual button remapping, touchscreen-only games can be played with the Logitech G Cloud as well, as it allows you to map the physical buttons on the device to touch controls in-game.

All in all, the G Cloud has become a staple handheld for many, carving out a new market for gamers wanting to chill out on their own around the house. It’s well worth the money already, and Logitech’s just going to continue making it increasingly better.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on one of your own, you can find it on sale at Amazon right now for just $299.

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