Spider-Man’s Rio Morales actor refuses to take down lewd artwork of her character

Rishabh Sabarwal
Rio Morales Spider-Man Miles Morales game

The actor behind Rio Morales in Insomniac’s Spider-Man games has now refused to take down lewd artwork of her character. Here’s what they said about the ruckus caused on social media.

With its exciting and vivid take on New York City’s busy streets, Marvel’s Spider-Man, created by Insomniac Games, won over gamers in 2018 and once again in 2023 with Spider-Man 2.

Although Peter Parker, the famous web-slinger, is the game’s main focus, Rio Morales, another character, was crucial in developing the plot and giving it emotional resonance.

Rio Morales, as the mother of Miles Morales who is another playable webslinger in the game, adds a lot to the game’s complex fabric by giving players a look at the Morales family’s hardships. With the new Spider-Man 2, Rio takes on a bolder role as a support to Miles’ spidey endeavors.

Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 adds a more dramatic storyline for Miles.

Because Rio is so beloved by fans, one of them made some lewd artwork of the character in the game, which the actor playing the role later uploaded, resulting in plenty of views on social media. The actor, however, has now refused to remove it for several reasons.

Spider-Man’s Rio Morales actor refuses to take down NSFW fan art

Jacqueline Piñol, the actor for Rio Morales in Insomniac’s Spider-Man games had shared a 3D NSFW fan art of her character on X. While sharing it, she wrote, “Someone sent this to me. WOW! Beautiful artwork by a 3D Artist. Hey, moms can be sexy too! Ringing in the New Year with Sexy Rio Morales. A bit risqué for me so enjoy it now because I’m taking it down in 24 hours!”

However, as soon as the artwork gained more views and caught the eyes of fans, the actor once again wrote in a post as they announced that they kept it up on popular demand and would happily take the comments that call her “based”.

Looking at the bold move by the actor, fans lauded her in the comments, with one such fan who said:

“You’re the best. So cool of you to embrace this funny situation.”

Another chimed in:

“Very based. It’s really funny to see an actor or actress acknowledge these things and be involved with the community and have fun with it.”

A third fan added:

“Rio Morales is the councilwoman in my heart with 100% of the votes.”

A fourth one replied:

“I think it’s really cool that you accept that this type of content exists and that you don’t treat it as some kind of taboo.”

“Many voice actors don’t touch these types of topics because they think it gives them a ‘bad image’.”

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