Cursed Spider-Man mod turns Peter Parker into Miles Morales’ game case

John Esposito
Cursed Spider-Man mod turns Peter Parker into Miles Morales’ game case

A year after mods “broke” Marvel’s Spider-Man, the latest footage shows off Miles Morales’ physical game case fighting crime.

After years of PlayStation consoles, Marvel’s Spider-Man finally came to PC in 2022. What ensued was nothing short of chaos as the mod community got their hand on the game.

Mods released left and right, all of them better than the next. There were gameplay-enhancing mods, such as “no HUD” or “skip the intro.” Others were facelifts, as mods let players take on the identity of iconic characters such as Saul Goodman or gave Peter his old face model back.

One player shared the most cursed mod to date, which featured a crossover of almost all Spider-Man and Miles Morales’ media to date.

Marvel’s Spider-Man mod creates cursed video footage

Shared to the SpidermanPS4 Reddit, TheDarkZEK showed the most cursed mod to date. In it, Spider-Man is seen in the middle of a Prisoner Camp. However, it’s not the Spider-Man you know and love, it’s Miles Morales’ physical game case.

What happens next is lunacy, as the prisoners get whacked around by a game case. It’s even sillier when the player fell off the roof and had to run up the side of the building as a giant case to the sweet background tone of Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee.

Viewers in the replies were quick to mention that the mod also imported Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s HUD into the game. Not a bad deal, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 won’t likely be ported to PC for some time.

It definitely is a sight to behold, as the game case unleashed havoc on those in its way. Not to mention, the absurdity of it performing all the same moves Spider-Man can.

It seems that the story doesn’t end here, as TheDarkZEK replied to a commenter “wait until you see the game case swing around the city.” Stay tuned to this cursed journey, as physical games continue to fight for their survival in the gaming market.

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