Spider-Man PC mod gives Peter Parker a facelift with original PS4 design

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Marvel’s Spider-Man players on PC can now download a face restoration mod that reverts Peter Parker’s look to the original PS4 model.

Actor John Bubniak served as the face model for Peter Parker in the original PS4 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Ahead of the title’s PS5 remaster, however, Insomniac Games replaced Bubniak’s look with that of actor Ben Jordan. The developer and voice actor Yuri Lowenthal claimed the change allowed for a “better facial match” to Lowenthal.

Some fans weren’t having it, though, demanding a return to the Bubniak design. Regardless, the Ben Jordan model has appeared in Spider-Man Remastered, Miles Morales, and the PC port.

PC users can download a PS4 face restoration mod for Spider-Man

Thanks to DaigronCDM, PC players now have access to a John Bubniak – PS4 Face Restoration mod via Nexus Mods.

As the name implies, this mod will allow PC users to experience Marvel’s Spider-Man with the original PS4 character design.

It’s worth noting that the mod can’t reproduce a one-to-one recreation of John Bubniak’s face model. According to DaigronCDM, this is because the mod partially uses data from both the 2018 version and the remastered port on PC.

Based on the screenshots shared by the modder, the restoration still counts as quite an incredible feat.

spider-man pc face modSony / DaigronCDM
PS4 Face Restoration mod
spider-man pc face modSony / DaigronCDM
PS4 Face Restoration mod

DaigronCDM has already begun work on their Spider-Man PC face mod. One recent patch addressed hair model issues in the final scene with Aunt May, for example.

The modder promises that more bug fixes will go live in the future, though what they may entail is not currently known.

Thus far, the modding community has taken the web-slinging adventure to new heights since its PC launch. A Photorealistic Movie Graphics mod allows players to explore New York with “Sam Raimi Vibes.” Meanwhile, several others have added Symbiote-inspired suits to the game.