Top Smash players quit Panda Cup as Ludwig launches rival tournament

Ludwig looking into the cameraYouTube: Ludwig

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren is ready to host his own Super Smash Bros tournament after the Smash World Tour final was canceled, calling it ‘The Scuffed World Tour,’ with some of the best players in the world.

The Smash competitive scene was caught up in controversy after the Smash World Tour finals were canceled by Nintendo and Panda Global.

The news rocked the Smash scene as players and contestants scrambled to make sense of the situation and who was at fault.

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However, in the wreckage of the event and the 2023 circuit being canceled, YouTuber Ludwig has stepped in to host a Smash Ultimate & Melee event of his own.

Ludwig to host The Scuffed World Tour Smash tournament

“In light of Panda/Nintendo’s lackluster response, I’m happy to announce The Scuffed World Tour,” the streamer announced.

The event will be hosted on December 18, and so far, he’s invited the eight top-placing players from both Smash games in the Smash World Tour. He’s also offered up an extra $50,000 to the total prize pool, and offered to fly out the runners-up if any of the top eight can’t attend.

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Ludwig’s fans also noticed that the scheduled date for the event clashes with Panda Global’s Smash event Panda Cup, meaning those invited would have to choose between Ludwig’s event and the event of the company that just had a hand in canceling all of the Smash World Tour.

And, just after the announcement, Ultimate star MKLeo announced he wouldn’t be making it to Mainstage 2022, making way for him to potentially attend the Ludwig event.

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Melee legend Hungrybox announced he would not be attending Panda Cup and called the organization’s statement, “Too little, and way too late.”

It’s possible more entrants bow out from the Panda Cup to attend Ludwig’s event, and as more information drops, this article will be updated.

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