Hinge date’s “outrageous” message leaves TikTok in disbelief

Meera Jacka
Woman’s Hinge date shocks internet by claiming he needs someone with less self-respect

A woman on TikTok has shared the bizarre message a past Hinge date sent her in which he claimed he needed to date someone with “less self-respect.”

Online dating has changed the game, opening singles up to a bigger dating pool than ever before.

With that new territory has come a slew of bizarre and bewildering dating stories previously unheard of, and what better place to share them than on the internet?

Now, one woman has taken TikTok by storm after posting a screenshot of the message a past Hinge date sent her in which he boldly admitted to looking for someone with “less self-respect.”

Chloee posted her date’s bizarre message in response to a tweet.

Chloee Marie, who goes by ‘chloeemlindsay’ on TikTok, jokingly posted the screenshot in response to a Tweet reading, “I love getting sweet messages, I just keep rereading them.”

In the messages, her former Hinge date wrote, “Quite honestly I think I need someone with a little less self-respect.” He attempted to justify his statement, explaining that he couldn’t “live up to” where Chloee was in life.

“A girl with less confidence [and] standards doesn’t know she isn’t being treated ‘right’ or not [because] she will just have whatever affection she can get,” the man said. “Meaning I can give less effort… and obviously [you’re] not like that.”

Nonetheless, he offered to continue engaging in a sexual relationship with Chloee.

Hinge date's message
The man’s message left many internet users stunned.

Viewers were stunned by the man’s message, rushing to Chloee’s comments to share their thoughts.

“So they DO know!?!?!? THE WHOLE TIME!?!?” one person wrote. Another said, “That text belonged in a THERAPY SESSION.”

In response to someone asking her to “expose” her former date, Chloe said, “When it happened I friended his mom on [Facebook] and sent her a screenshot.”

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