Smash Ultimate player has been running a bizarre in-game test for 10,000 hours

Philip Trahan
sora smash ultimate upside down header

One Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player posted their findings on a crazy test they’ve been running on Nintendo’s crossover fighter that has lasted for 10,000 hours.

Despite no longer receiving free updates, Nintendo fans are still getting a lot of mileage out of the company’s hit crossover fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, instead of playing online or with friends, one fan decided to run a very specific test in Smash Ultimate’s World of Light singleplayer mode.

They wanted to test just how high the in-game hour counter would go — hoping to find out when exactly it would stop counting and what that cap would be.

Smash Ultimate player runs 10,000 hour test

Reddit user and Smash fan MushKinPuff posted their findings to the Smash Bros. subreddit.

They claimed to have kept the World of Light mode open anytime they weren’t using their Switch in the hopes that the hour count would cap out at 9999:59.

Unfortunately, this dedicated Smasher has had to give up on their quest after posting a picture of the hour count surpassing 10,000 hours.

Possibly because of the bizarre nature and absurd length MushKinPuff went to find out the hour count of a single-player mode of a predominantly multiplayer game, the post gained traction from other interested fans.

“You’ve already made it this far, there’s no going back at this point,” wrote itsIzumi.

MushKinPuff gave their reasoning for stopping the test despite committing over 10,000 hours already, which admittedly makes a lot of sense.

“It would take 6 years to reach the 16-bit integer limit, and 10 to reach 99,999:59. Either way, I’m not gonna be reaching that until well after Nintendo has released their next console.”

Though some questioned why MushKinPuff would even bother with this experiment, sometimes there’s simply no helping curiosity.

Still, others were grateful for the dedication shown in the experiment, like RealPimpinPanda who said, “I thought the devs would’ve limited the time count to 9999:59. I appreciate you doing this experiment, now we know that isn’t the case.”