Smash Ultimate player goes viral for winning game while “asleep” in bed

smash player wins while sleepingTwitter/24Kssb

A Smash Ultimate player is going viral on Twitter and TikTok for an unbelievable show of disrespect against his opponent live on Twitch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become one of the most successful fighting games of all time, despite Nintendo’s lack of esport support for the beloved franchise.

With its ultra-competitive scene, many players take the title very seriously – and when it comes to showing off their skill compared to the average gamer, sometimes a little showboating is in order.

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Twitch streamer ’24K’ did just that in a viral clip that has to be seen to be believed, especially for anyone who mains Jigglypuff.

Smash player humiliates sleeping opponent

In a February 27 upload, 24K was able to dodge a Byleth player’s heavy attack before calling to his chat that he was going to try for a special play.

“Check me out!” he cried before knocking the Byleth onto the Small Battlefield platform and activating the Pokemon’s Sing ability. “Go to sleep!”

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With the Byleth asleep, the Smasher ran off and changed his stream to a “bed cam” where he decided it would be a good time to get some rest.

While snug under the covers, he hit a Rest on his adversary, doing enough damage to eliminate his foe’s last stock and take the match in style.

The clip has since been viewed over 1.1 million times, with some of the esport’s top talent amazed by it.

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“The Byleth is legally obligated to sell his Switch,” joked Melee God Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma, who is best known for his outstanding Jigglypuff skills.

This play will definitely go down as one of the best Smash Ultimate clips of all time, showing how, despite Nintendo no longer supporting the game through balance updates or new content, fans aren’t quite finished with the platform fighter.

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