Ludwig makes promise to Smash players after Nintendo pulls it from EVO 2022

Lawrence Scotti
luwig smash bros

YouTube star Ludwig has made a big promise to Super Smash Bros fans after Nintendo pulled out of Evo, one of the largest annual fighting game tournaments.

Nintendo fans were stunned after EVO – AKA the Evolution Championship Series – announced that the company pulled out of EVO 2022.

Although the bombshell left the door open if the developer ever changed their mind for future events, the 2022 event was confirmed to be Smash-less.

After the unfortunate news broke, Ludwig, one of the more popular content creators who was born out of the Smash scene, made a promise to Smashers that brought back hope for the future of the game.

ludwig.0Ludwig has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ludwig’s big promise to Smashers

On February 26, after the EVO news broke, Ludwig gave assurance to the Smash community that he’d make up for Nintendo pulling out of EVO.

“Don’t worry smashers, I got you,” he announced on Twitter.

Ludwig hosted a Melee tournament on January 31 with a $30k pot that garnered tons of attention, and event he even provided commentary for.

He’s also promised to host a Smash Ultimate & Melee tournament in the future with a pot of over $1 million, which would be the biggest tournament ever by far. His promise to Smashers could certainly be attached to this event.

Although there hasn’t been any news on plans for that tournament, Ludwig’s teaser that he’ll take care of the next big Smash event after Nintendo pulled out of EVO has fans more hyped than ever.