Ludwig is hosting $30k Smash event and it’s one of the biggest ever

Sam Comrie

YouTube streamer Ludwig has saved the day for Super Smash Bros Ultimate players, by hosting his own tournament amid the cancellation of Genesis 8. 

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, aka Ludwig to his 2.54 million subscribers, has made an incredible impression with the Super Smash Bros fanbase.

Avid players of the Smash Bros series were anticipating incredible battles at Genesis 8, one of the largest and most acclaimed tournaments for Smash players.

Unfortunate circumstances have led to Genesis 8 postponing plans for 2022, but Ludwig isn’t going to let stop Smash players from getting their fix of action.

Melee continues to be a super popular game in the Smash community.

Ludwig to host $30,001 Smash tournament

Players and fans alike of Super Smash Bros rejoiced after Ludwig announced his online-only tournament. “One of the biggest smash tournaments in the world had to postpone” Ludwig began in his announcement.

“I’m running my own tournament – online” added the streamer. With a prize of $30,001 up for grabs, the additional dollar puts it into one of the top ten biggest prize pools for the game he’ll be running – Smash Melee.

The event will be running for two days, on January 29 and 30 respectively. Ludwig has clarified to fans this will be a Melee-only tournament, with Smash Ultimate remaining on the sidelines due to the issues with its only play.

“Melee only for this cause smash ult online… you know,” Ludwig tweeted in a follow-up post.

Plenty of professional Smash players like Tempo’s Axe have already declared they’re “in” for the experience.


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