Call of Duty dev calls out Activision following apology for Warzone & Vanguard issues

Call of Duty Warzone and VanguardActivision

A Call of Duty dev working for Activision has hit out at their own company following the publisher’s apology for the current state of CoD titles. 

On a number of fronts, Call of Duty and Activision are coming in for serious criticism. The company itself is embroiled in legal controversy following allegations of harassment and discrimination in the workplace that surfaced in the summer of 2021.

In term of Call of Duty, many players are frustrated with prevalent bugs and glitches in Warzone, Vanguard, and even 2019’s Modern Warfare.

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The widespread problems led to a formal apology from Activision, who said: “Our teams are hard at work addressing the issues… Updates are being deployed as quickly as possible.”

While many were pleased at the step forward in terms of communication and clarity, many also noted a response from a CoD developer working in Quality Assurance at Activision.

QA roles relate to finding bugs and glitches in video games, but they too have been involved in controversy at Activision. Reports in December suggested some QA staff were fired after receiving promises of better pay.

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Kate Anderson responded sceptically to the apology on the main CoD Twitter account, saying: “Striking employees have received countless similar emails also saying “we hear you, and we feel your frustrations” yet leadership refuses to communicate directly with us.”

They summarized: “The state of COD games right now is a direct result of their inability to lead responsibly.”

Many picked up on Anderson’s response and echoed their suggestions that Activision’s internal issues are likely contributing to the poor state of their products.

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There are even reports stating that CoD 2022 – thought to be a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare – will release earlier than normal to combat the poor sales and reception of Vanguard.

Only time will tell if the state of the games gets turned around.