Brutal Smash Ultimate Steve bug is instantly killing other fighters

Michael Gwilliam
Steve from Minecraft is a major threat

Minecraft Steve’s addition to Super Smash Bros Ultimate added some new game-breaking bugs that are literally causing fighters to fall underneath stages and to their demise.

While Steve’s announcement was lukewarm, players are finding some interesting uses for him, such as a crazy zero-to-death combo discovered by pro player Mew2King. Others, however, are finding huge bugs.

The most devastating comes in the form of a bug that is causing fighters facing off against Steve to fall underneath stages. With the fighters ending up so far below, recovering isn’t an option, so the results are disastrous.

As you can see in the video, when Dark Samus jabs the blocks that Steve has positioned, she somehow falls through the stage.

It should be noted that this was on the Battlefield variant of Minecraft World, the game’s newest stage that players automatically unlock when they download Steve.

According to Bunsen-Burn, the user who discovered the bug, the testers were able to recreate the issue by having Dark Samus break the bottom block with her second jab while there is a block above it.

“We believe we found the reason why, if Samus is to jab two blocks lined horizontally on the ground, she will teleport on top of the second block,” they explained. “However, if there is another block overhead, Samus’s head would hit it, thus making her teleport downwards, placing her ECB below the floor of the stage.”

The bug-finders also noted that other moves cause the glitch as well, including Donkey Kong’s Up B, Link’s Dash, and King Dee Dee Dee’s Dash attack.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, another player discovered that by using Steve’s powerful down air on Incineroar as a block breaks, the fire Pokemon will fall through the stage too.

Minecraft Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman in Smash Ultimate
There’s a lot of small attention to detail with Steve in Smash.

Steve isn’t the first character to launch with some major kinks that need to be ironed out. When Terry Bogard was released, the Ice Climbers could literally freeze him and stop others from playing the game.

Hopefully, Nintendo can implement some sort of fix to version 9.0.0 soon, so players can go back to battling as and against Steve without worrying about falling through stages.