Disturbing Sims 4 bug is making Sims want to date their siblings

Michael Gwilliam
sims 4 vampire

A weird new bug in The Sims 4 is causing characters to develop romantic feelings for their family members and players are not pleased.

The latest Sims 4 update has proven to be quite the bug-infested one, most notably thanks to a glitch that is making Sims age up extremely fast and ruin games.

Sadly, the aging glitch isn’t the only way the game has gone south. In addition to that nefarious bug, players are also noticing how their Sims want to date their siblings.

In response to the official Sims Twitter account commenting on the aging issues, players began bombarding the developers with calls to fix the relationship problem.

Sims 4 players demand fix for bug

On Twitter, players documented their experiences with the weird bug.

“So did they just not test the new wants/fears at all? No mods active and my Sim wants to ask out his sister,” one player said and posted a screenshot of their game.

Sure enough, their Sim was thinking about asking his sister to be his girlfriend – whacky.

“Yall should also investigate why the wants aren’t identifying siblings,” another said. “My Sim should not want to date his brother.”

Hopefully, EA can get this problem sorted quickly and Sims players can go back to not dealing with aging and romance issues in time for the weekend.

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