Summit1g accused of hacking on Sea of Thieves after sinking team’s ship

Alec Mullins
summit1g superimposed into a Sea of Thieves image

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar is one of the most notable Sea of Thieves players to ever touch the game, but it seems like one player hasn’t quite received that message and accused the FPS legend of hacking. 

One of the original faces of the Sea of Thieves on Twitch, summit’s return to the pirating life has been a riveting one.

From putting on a masterclass on how to take down an Athena heist to accidentally capturing a vulnerable moment from another player, there has been no shortage of entertainment to be found during his adventures.

The latest installment peaked when a disgruntled opponent insinuated that there’s no way the icon’s gameplay could be legit.

Summit1g accused of hacking on Sea of Thieves

summit1g playing sea of thieves
summit has been tearing it up in Sea of Thieves lately and one player simply couldn’t believe a person could be so good.

It was just after the enemy ship started to capsize that the allegations came in. The bow was already flooding when summit dove into the water to reposition and land a killing blow on his target.

Thanks to the game’s proximity chat, both the streamer and his fans were treated to the list of things his fallen foe thought were suspicious during their duel.

“One, [Brigantines] don’t move that quick like they were moving. Two, that dude was carrying three guns: a sniper, a blunderbuss, and a pistol.”

While it may have felt like being assailed by a cheater, the VOD shows that the internet’s favorite privateer was only carrying his sniper/pistol combination and that both of his sails had simply caught the wind and sprung out deceptively quick.

While hackusations are usually a pretty serious concern in the streaming community, this isn’t summit’s first rodeo with being baselessly accused. So, he laughed it off and continued forward on his journey to conquer the open water.

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