Summit1g mortified after in-game mic picks up player’s very private moment

Summit1g motified on stream by micMicrosoft/Twitch/Summit1g

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left absolutely speechless during his Sea of Thieves game when a player’s very private moment was picked up over a hot mic.

Summit1g is quite well-known for his streams where he sails the oceans of Sea of Thieves and has earned quite an audience in the process, with thousands tuning into his pirate antics.

While Summit himself is quite entertaining, his April 4 broadcast was something else entirely thanks to someone in his group who, for whatever reason, forgot to mute their mic.

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The embarrassing moment didn’t go undetected as Summit and everyone else in his game quickly drew their attention to the awkward audio.

summit1g playing sea of thievesTwitch/Summit1g
Summit1g was left absolutely stunned by a player’s hot mic.

Summit1g speechless after Sea of Thieves player’s embarrassing moment

As Summit and his crew embarked on their journey, they began hearing someone’s in-game mic make a series of strange noises.

It wasn’t long before players recognized the sound as someone having a leak on the toilet and forgetting to mute their microphone.

“The guy’s taking a piss right now,” one said, leaving Summit to face-palm in disbelief.

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“He didn’t even take his f**king headset off,” another commented.

Lazar, meanwhile, could hardly contain himself, trying not to try, laugh or show any sort of emotion whatsoever. The whole situation was just incredibly awkward for everyone and it’s unclear if the player breaking the seal even knew if his mic was on.

Of course, there are plenty of more embarrassing things that can happen on stream, but hopefully, this serves as a reminder to every gamer out there to mute their mics before using the bathroom.

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