Sea of Thieves April update trailer teases pet cats, revives and more

. 2 years ago
Sea of Thieves ships of fortune patch

Rare have revealed brand new details on the next monthly update coming to Sea of Thieves, dropping a fresh Ships of Fortune trailer at the Inside Xbox event on April 7.

The Xbox event was certainly highly anticipated, after being announced just a day before it was set to air, and it delivered a bunch of new trailers for not just the pirate game, but also Gears Tactics, Grounded and more.

Where Sea of Thieves is concerned, though, it looks like there’s a boatload of new content coming to the Xbox exclusive title – with the monthly update rolling out on April 22. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s jump right into it.

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Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune update: What’s changing?

Sea of Thieves April update trailer

Emissary missions and The Reaper’s Bones

As revealed in a new trailer, above, a host of new Emissary quests are landing in Sea of Thieves for the month of April, with players able to represent different trading companies. The trailer stated: “Working on their behalf will see you rewarded with exclusive cosmetics and helping you to progress in the newly expanded reputation system.”

As well as the trading companies to pick from below, there has also been another PvP option added – The Reaper’s Bones.

Sea of Thieves trading companies
Here are the different trading companies in Sea of Thieves, to pick from.

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Pirates waited a long time to get their beloved pets in Sea of Thieves and Rare have stepped up their game again, adding cats to the game.

These will be available to purchase in-game and can follow you in your travels across the high seas, or sleep next to you as you do all of the hard work.

Sea of Thieves cats
Cats are coming soon in Sea of Thieves.

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Other changes

Sea of Thieves will also be adding a brand new revive feature, giving players an opportunity to rescue members of their crew should they be taken out by enemies. Other changes include new emotes, fresh cosmetic sets for ships, and more.

The game will also be moving to crossplay in the near future, after announcing it would be moving to Steam, meaning Xbox players will soon be able to link up with PC users, too.

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