Twitch streamer slams fans for demanding Rust streams: "Do I tell you when to work?" - Dexerto

Twitch streamer slams fans for demanding Rust streams: “Do I tell you when to work?”

Published: 19/Jan/2021 17:00 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 17:01

by James Busby


Spanish Twitch Streamer IlloJuan has grown tired of viewers constantly calling for him to play Rust during his days off, forcing a strong reaction from the popular player. 

The survival video game Rust has seen a huge boom in popularity after top streamers like Pokimane, xQc, Myth, shroud, and more have begun to play the survival game. Not only has sparked a lot of internet rivalries, but it has also given fans some truly hilarious momentsHowever, one of the game’s biggest personalities is IlloJuan. 

He is largely known for his comedic personality and “Just Chatting” streams, where he will react to various topics and gaming clips. The Spaniard recently made headlines after he was found to have a striking resemblance to American Twitch streamer and political commentator, HasanAbi. 


However, IlloJuan has once again viral thanks to a clip of him slamming viewers for making demands of him. 

Streamer slams fans over Rust Twitch drops

IlloJuan playing Rust
IlloJuan currently streams a lot of Rust on his channel.

Being a Twitch streamer is far from easy. From the unsocial work hours to the constant need to be relevant, it’s not hard to see why certain streamers snap or simply get burnt out. While most viewers are content with what their favorite internet personalities upload, there are those who troll and take a more toxic stance in their online interactions. 

However, IlloJuan made a bold statement after fans demanded he streamed Rust so that they can get their cosmetic drops. “English speakers, it’s ok. You watch this for two hours and you get the skin,” he says. “Don’t tell me when I don’t stream, you are not my father, understand?”


IlloJuan was clearly agitated by the chat’s constant demands for Twitch drops and it was clear that he needed to address the current demands of him.

“I stream when I can and when I want,” he said. “I have the freedom to stream when I want, so don’t come to Twitter to tell me to stream. What the F**k man?! Do I tell you when to go to work? No? Don’t tell me when I have to work. Do you understand?”

The streamer then went on to say that he streams for eight hours a day and only takes one day off a week. “This man has a skin in Rust, but he doesn’t stream? Mother****r, one week streaming eight hours a day! One day I don’t stream, Sunday, you know.” 


It’s certainly not hard to see why IlloJuan had gotten so angry with his viewers. Maybe in the future, fans will think twice before hounding him on social media about playing on his days off.

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