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Shroud makes the most hilarious Rust clip ever after xQc loses all his scrap

Published: 17/Jan/2021 16:18

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek had the most perfect comedic timing possible for Rust’s casino after Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel managed to lose an absolute tonne of scrap metal yet again. 

Rust has been around since 2013, but Facepunch Studio’s multiplayer game has probably never been more popular than it is right now, thanks to Twitch. 

Content creators of all sizes, and from all corners of the globe, have been flocking to OfflineTV’s two servers – The Divide and The Badlands – for a bit of roleplaying and PVP’ing, with the biggest streamers focusing on RP’ing. 

Aside from building bases, fighting NPCs, and even PVP’ing with other streamers, there is also the opportunity to gamble at a casino. Now, there’s now blackjack, poker, or slots, but just a lone roulette wheel to bet on. And xQc absolutely loves to lose scrap metal on it.


Wheel of Fortune from Rust's casino
Facepunch Studios
The Roulette Wheel of Fortune is Rust’s best way to gamble.

During his January 16 stream, the Canadian streamer, once again, managed to flush around 6,000 bits of scrap metal down the drain by betting at the Casino.

After wasting his last bits of scrap – which is used as the in-game currency, for those who don’t know – he exited the Casino with his head down, staying quiet and not saying anything to his viewers. xQc was pretty despondent at what he’d just manage to do. 

However, as he came across Shroud, his fellow Canadian had a different outlook. He broke xQc’s silent moment by whizzing around in his car, hilariously shouting: “I’m so excited for this Casino!” as he went to pop his in-game gambling cherry. 


xQc’s chat couldn’t contain themselves, laughing at how perfectly timed Shroud’s excitement was compared to his completely annoyed outlook. 

The former Overwatch star didn’t even muster up the strength to fire back at them either. He just went on his way, staying silent, until he decided to blow himself up using an RPG. 

Some viewers might think that losing so much scrap is enough for xQc to stop his Rust gambling exploits, but anyone who has watched him for a while will know that he’ll absolutely go again soon.