Pokimane quits OfflineTV Rust server: “I’m not having a good time”

Published: 1/Jan/2021 6:22 Updated: 4/Jan/2021 14:21

by Brad Norton


Just days into its existence and one of the biggest content creators is already leaving OfflineTV’s Rust server behind as Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys admitted that she wasn’t “having a good time.”

OfflineTV established one of the biggest Rust servers ever on December 26. With 50 of the internet’s biggest social media stars all joining in, it was set up to be one of the biggest collaborations in recent history.

Though after just a few days of playing together, tensions have already boiled over. Shroud pointed the finger at xQc early into its run, explained how he would be the one to make it all “implode.” After some deadly incidents and subsequent apologies, Valkyrae even threatened to pull the plug on the server.

Now, one of its biggest members has officially called it quits.

“It’s just too much and it’s not really fun,” Pokimane said. The popular streamer has vowed not to return after griefing and PVP actions became all too common.

Rust gameplay
Facepunch Studios
Rust servers often mix PVP with PVE, though too much of the former appears to have turned Pokimane away.

A few hours into her stream, Pokimane’s power suddenly went out. A few minutes later and she booted everything back up but not to rejoin the server. Instead, she explained how her time with the OfflineTV server is over.

“I’m just not gonna get back on because I’m not having a good time,” she said. “I don’t really have the energy to spend two hours getting stuff and then lose it all and have it despawn…. And then die to radiation.”

With the likes of CallMeCarson, xQc, and plenty of the other 50 streamers turning to the dark side, it’s clear that PVP gameplay just isn’t for everyone. The constant cycle of gathering resources and being wiped out by other streamers turned Pokimane off the experience.

“I’ll probably stream some chess puzzles soon… because at least that’s fun,” Pokimane joked before wrapping up her brief message to fans.

“Think it’s time to go back to [Valorant or] continue learning chess,” she soon followed up on Twitter, though she admitted a Rust return could be in the cards on one condition.

The mega-popular streamer could be keen on starting anew in a “[role play or] PVE oriented server,” she explained.

For now, the OfflineTV server is down a key member. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time until more big names in the Rust game follow suit.


HAchubby reveals HAchuMart convenience store struggles after Twitch success

Published: 25/Feb/2021 6:22

by Andrew Amos


Korean Twitch star HAchubby won people’s hearts over with her shifts at a convenience store. Now, she owns her very own HAchuMart. However, it didn’t come without its fair share of challenges, which she opened up about on February 24.

From an Emart to HAchuMart, popular Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby has carved out a niche with her content following her mundane life working at a convenience store.

After quitting her old job due to concerns about privacy, she decided to become her own boss by opening up her own convenience store in Busan, South Korea. It was a spur of the moment decision, but once her mind was made, she was resolved to do it for her viewers.

HAchubby opening HAchuMart store
Twitch: HAchubby
HAchubby opened her own convenience store in January 2021.

I lost a big part of my stream and my life. And my viewers lost something they enjoyed to watch every weekend. I didn’t really want to quit this job because it kept me connected to the real world,” she said in a February 24 video, talking about leaving her previous job.

“So I promised the viewers, don’t worry, we will have our own convenience store next year. I was crazy. I promised that I didn’t think well enough. I didn’t think about costs, staff, or location. I just said I was going to do it.”

Now, HAchuMart is open and free for anyone to visit ⁠— well, if you can make it to South Korea. The cute little market features a bunch of HAchubby’s favorite items. However, it was truly a community endeavor, with her stream helping her out along the way.

“Since then everyone was looking forward to it, a lot of people sent me cheering messages. Some viewers even supported me with donations,” she said.

“I asked my viewers to help me [design the store]. A lot of them shared their ideas, gave feedback, and worked on creative new designs. I made a lot of designs with my viewers, including the logo, uniform, and even the ice cream box. I’m thankful to everyone who helped me make it. I don’t think I’d be able to make it on my own.”

Between trying to stick to a 2020 deadline, dealing with lockdowns, and not even having an ounce of business experience, it was a tough time for HAchubby. But now, her dreams have been realized, and she’s so happy for all the support from friends and family along the way.

“This was my first business ever, and I thought it would be hard for me to do it. I still can’t believe how many people decided to help. It was a miracle. It was very busy, but I was lucky enough to have family and friends to help me.

“I really achieved what I had dreamed of. This is not just another convenience store. HAchuMart is the result of many people working together to make a dream come true.

“It all started with a girl streaming her part-time job, and with the support of the viewers, family, and friends, this girl now has her own convenience store.”