ItzTimmy gets insane luck with Rust gamble for shroud’s team

Twitch: ItzTimmy/Facepunch Studios

Twitch streamer Timmy ‘ItzTimmy’ An got some incredible luck at the Bandit Camp on Rust. In a single spin, he managed to turn 1000 scrap into 20,000 on stream.

Despite Rust releasing way back in 2013, the game still retains a large and dedicated Twitch following. This has only been boosted by the number of huge streamers playing the game and joining the Offline TV game server.

Nearly 50 Twitch personalities have joined the server including xQc, Shroud, Pokimane, and Corpse. With so many familiar faces on a single game, it’s no wonder the title has been blowing up on Twitch.

Out of all the streamers on the OTV server, there’s no doubt ItzTimmy has had the best luck so far. The Twitch streamer pulled off a very unlikely win on the Bandit Camp wheel and earned himself plenty of scrap for his team.

Bandit camp in rustFacepunch Studios
The Bandit Camp in Rust is a popular location for players to gamble scrap.

ItzTimmy wins big on Rust gamble wheel

A lot of the streamers on the Rust server are split up into specific groups. Timmy’s team is made up of seven other streamers, including shroud, bnans, Jae Park, and Sonii.

In order to try and make some scrap, Timmy decided to head to the Bandit Camp and do some gambling. He’d spent a fair amount of time spinning the wheel on smaller bets before he finally decided to go big and put 1,000 scrap on 20.

Putting any scrap on red makes the odds a 1 in 20 chance of winning. Of course, making this bet is extremely risky as it’s very unlikely you’ll come out on top. Well, that’s if you’re not Timmy.

The wheel was spun and it actually landed in the red, turning Timmy’s 1,000 scrap bet into 20,000 instantly. It’s fair to say he was excited about the win and took to Twitter to alert his team that he’d won a lot of scrap: “Oh my god! No way! No Way! I bet on 20 and I got it”.

It’s going to be fun to see what Timmy and his team do with all that scrap. With so much to hand, there are endless possibilities for stream content.

However, with so much scrap in his pocket, Timmy may have just put a target on his head for the other server members.