Roblox UNOfficial makes a comeback under a new name

Rishabh Sabarwal
UNOfficial Remake LOCOfficial now on Roblox

Roblox UNOfficial, a game that was recently removed off the platform, has returned under a new moniker. The experience’s makers have rebranded their game as LOCOfficial, and it plays similarly to UNO with a few tweaks. Here’s how to access it once more on Roblox.

There are thousands of games in Roblox’s vast metaverse, and creators from all over the world build experiences there using their own ideas and inspiration from other games and pop cultural properties. On the other hand, the platform is home to some extremely popular games with a large number of users.

Recently, Roblox banned the game UNOfficial and other variants of the famous card game UNO due to a DMCA strike initiated by the game’s creators, Mattel. In spite of Mattel’s presence on the site with an official UNO game, unlicensed versions were more popular due to lax censoring of in-game chats.

Developers of UNOfficial have renamed it as LOCOfficial and are getting set to release their removed version once again on Roblox.

LOCOfficial Rules on Roblox
Players can set their own house rules in LOCOfficial.

UNOfficial makers rebrand their game as LOCOfficial on Roblox

UNOfficial’s development team, Rawblocky, has produced a new game developed from the scrapped original. The new game, called LOCOfficial, is based on a Crazy 8s gaming style that’s very different from UNO. Players will have access to new cards, new unique house rules, and new power ups that can be purchased in the middle of a game.

The goal of the game, whether played in teams or alone, is to be the first player to clean their hand. The developers state that the game may be played on any computer, mobile device, console, or virtual reality system.

Many UNOfficial gamers expressed their delight and appreciation for the creators on various social media platforms upon hearing the news. One such fans took to Twitter and commented, “AWESOME! So glad you and the team were able to sort out the issues, and not gonna lie, I really like this rebrand.”

Another user who used to play UNOfficial a bunch of times on Roblox, appreciated the new design and said, “So happy the game is back up, can’t wait to play with my friends later today. Also, the cards look much cleaner and nice to look at.”

Visit the game’s official Roblox page to jump into the action. Whether or not this iteration will also be removed in the future is unknown, as Mattel and Roblox have not spoken on the matter.

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