Here’s how to unlock the Ultimate Edition bonus content in Red Dead Online

David Purcell

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners are now able to access the online beta and claim their rewards. However, you won’t simply get them when you log on – it’s a little more complicated than that. Here’s what you need to do.

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The Ultimate Edition is packed with additional content for players to unlock in the online beta, including new character outfits to make yourself stand out from the crowd on Red Dead Online, a Black Thoroughbred Horse or even a Volcanic Pistol.

The starting point to claiming that content is the tutorial. Completing the Red Dead Online tutorial might be an obvious first step, however it does gets the ball rolling and that is worth noting.

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Next, you’ll be able to add some of the new outfits to your inventory. This includes the Blackrose Bounty Hunter and Copperhead Enforcer Outfits. These are acquired by heading over to any of the general stores that you’ll see on Red Dead Online, or by using the catalog which will have been introduced in the tutorial stage.

You’ll have to stray away from the general stores to find your Black Thoroughbred Horse, though, as it will be found in the Red Dead Online stables. This piece of online content brings with it a brand new noble steed as well as an Ultimate Edition-exclusive saddle which is a nice touch for those who shelled out for it.

The Ultimate Edition of Red Dead 2 came with a lot of extras!
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In order to free up a slot for your Black Thoroughbred, though, you’ll have to say goodbye to your default horse. Three is a crowd. 

For those interested in adding some new weapons to their arsenal, the Varmint Rifle, Volcanic Pistol and Pump Action Shotgun can also be accessed by visiting one of the gunsmith shops, or via the catalog. 

By accessing Red Dead Online, Ultimate Edition buyers will have the Survivor Camp Theme selected from the start as well, which is something standard edition buyers would have to pay for separately should they want to try it.

Lastly, rank bonuses will be available as part of this exclusive content package. This will enable you to rank up faster than average players, with XP boosts between the ranks of one to 25 to give you a nice head start.