Here are all the new weapon prices in Red Dead Online after the December 6 update

Bill Cooney

Rockstar’s December 6 update to Red Dead Online lowered prices for most of the weapons in the game and gave players a little walking around money as well. Now, thanks to some enterprising Redditors, we have a complete list of all the changes to weapon prices in the game.

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In addition to lowering weapon prices, the December 6 update also raises the selling price for various player-harvested items like pelts and fish, as well as awarding players who logged on before 12 AM PST on December 7 $250 of in-game currency and 15 Gold Bars.

This infusion of cash and raised prices should allow players easier access to many more weapons, especially after the price drop.

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Reddit user iamrecognize_ posted an Red Dead Online beta players will receive free cash and gold for playing

Soon after that, user Danbrenn made a spreadsheet showing the change in price for every weapon currently available online.

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The recent changes have been well received by the Red Dead community, who complained about the low sell prices compared to how expensive items were in Red Dead Online.

There will undoubtedly be more updates and changes to Red Dead Online as Rockstar figures out what works and what doesn’t in the game, but the recent economy updates are the most major so far.