Why is Love Island USA’s cast obsessed with eye contact? Season 5 green flag explained 

Simone Torn
Love Island USA season 5 contestants Keenan and Kay Kay

Love Island USA has the Season 5 contestants continuously discussing the importance of eye contact. But shouldn’t this social skill be a given?

Love Island Season 5 showcases the islanders praising eye contact in nearly every episode. This has left audiences scratching their heads in confusion, because most fans of the reality show have never heard of this trait being so heavily emphasized as a “relationship green flag.”  

While eye contact should be a given in any social interraction, this set of islanders makes it seem as though individuals who possess such a simple trait is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So what’s the deal? Why is Season 5 of Love Island so obsessed with contestants who are able to maintain eye contact?

Season 5 of Love Island keeps an emphasis on eye contact, but why?

Fans of the reality TV show have taken to Reddit to discuss this recurring theme.

According to some fans, they believe this could be a generational term used commonly by Gen Z, since younger generations are more prone to communicate through their mobile devices as opposed to having face-to-face conversations.

Is it possible that because the majority of Islanders are in the Gen Z age category, eye contact is now considered a rare trait amongst this generation? 

There could be some merit to this theory. According to research, it can be more challenging for the younger generation to socialize in person.

“The main difference between Gen Z and older generations is the reduced amount of eye contact employed,” Gen-Zer Joshua Miller explains to HR Magazine. “The younger generation was born with a device in their hands and are simply used to looking down. It’s not meant to be a sign of disrespect or disinterest in the person speaking to them, although older generations may interpret their lack of eye contact as such.”

Another theory is that the global health issue could have something to do with the lack of eye contact. “It’s also because they are young enough to have some important formative years during the pandemic,” one Reddit user suggested. “It has really messed with how they communicate.”

Regardless of the reasoning behind this emphasis, it’s nice that the Islanders in Season 5 are able to openly communicate about their relationship green flags so they can find the perfect partner.

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