Who is the winner of Too Hot To Handle Season 5? Finale explained

Je'Kayla Crawford
Elys and Alex from Too Hot To Handle

Ten episodes later, who won Too Hot To Handle Season 5? Here’s a recap of the shocking finale.

Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle has definitely had its fair share of highs and lows. At first, there was an entertaining twist given at the beginning of the season that shocked the participants. Yet, viewers were complaining about the cast chosen for this season.

All in all, the intimacy expert was right when he teased a spicy season. With all the bombshells and the temptation between contestants, Season 5 is in good standing with the previous seasons.

But, there could only be one winner of the $200,000 prize. However, considering the time the finale episode came, the cash deductions from rule-breaking brought it down to half – $100,000.

Who is the winner of  Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

In the finale, two contestants were in the running to win Season 5: Shedre ‘Dre’ Woodard and Elys Hutchinson. And the winner wasn’t chosen by the fans. Instead, the other contestants had to decide who was going to win.

Ultimately, they decided to choose Elys as the winner of Too Hot To Handle Season 5 and the cash prize of $100,000.

But just because Elys is the official winner of the season doesn’t mean she’s the only person walking away with the money.

She unexpectedly decided to share her earnings with Dre. Meaning they each earned a cash prize of $50,000. With a shocking ending, Season 5 of the series is officially over – unless a reunion episode premieres in the future.

Season 6 of Too Hot To Handle has not been announced by Netflix as of yet. To stay updated on all things Too Hot To Handle and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.