What happened to Krisse-Ly & Rasmus from Love Is Blind Sweden?

Je'Kayla Crawford
Rasmus and Krisse-Ly from Love Is Blind Sweden

Did Krisse-Ly and Rasmus get divorced after getting married in Season 1 of Love Is Blind Sweden? We’ve got the scoop.

One of the main couples that formed from the premiere season of the Swedish spin-off is Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt.

Despite the backlash Rasmus received for what viewers deemed as offensive comments, fans were still hoping that they stayed together.

After hitting it off in the pods, they ended up tying the knot in the wedding episode, one of the three pairs who did so.

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for them after they got married. Krisse-Ly and Rasmus revealed during the Season 1 reunion that they had to undergo couple’s therapy after their relationship was on the brink of falling apart.

Now that it has been a while since then, are they still on a good path or was the therapy not enough to keep them together?

Are Love Is Blind’s Krisse-Ly & Rasmus still together?

As of February 20, the couple is still together, and judging by their social media, their couple’s therapy seemed to do the trick.

On February 19, Krisse-Ly took to Instagram to announce that they had taken a big step in their marriage.

Specifically, the two decided to move in together and are currently sharing the apartment that used to be Rasmus’ bachelor pad.

Not only is their relationship growing stronger and stronger, but their dogs have also formed a bond that fans are arguably shipping more than the relationship between their owners.

Sergio and Amanda, another couple who wed during their season are expecting their first child together. Krisse-Ly and Rasmus haven’t publicly revealed whether or not they are planning to expand their family anytime soon.

As of now, a second season of Love Is Blind Sweden has not been announced.

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