Temptation Island: Vanessa storms out of final bonfire after learning Roberto slept with Desiree

Simone Torn
Vanessa storming out on Roberto from Temptation Island season 5Peacock

Roberto and Vanessa hashed it all out during the Temptation Island final bonfire part 1. In the end, Vanessa stormed out after learning Roberto slept with Desiree.

Roberto and Vanessa from Temptation Island have come a long way since entering their respective villas. Both contestants have experienced immense growth since they agreed to come to the island, showing progress both as individuals and as a couple.

Throughout their time on Temptation Island, Vanessa and Roberto have learned about their likes and dislikes, as well as what they are willing and not willing to put up with in a romantic relationship. While Vanessa has been getting to know the single of her villa, Brice, Roberto has developed a romantic bond with Desiree.

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Both have been extremely conflicted as to whether or not they want to stick together as a couple or go their separate ways with the singles they got to know inside the villa.

Roberto and Vanessa reunite on Temptation Island at the final bonfire part 1

When Vanessa and Roberto finally got to see each other again at the final bonfire, emotions were running high. And while things seemed to be going great at first, with Mark Walberg even gushing over their “emotional maturity,” all hell broke loose when Vanessa learned Roberto and Desiree slept together in the same bed.

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So infuriated by the news, Vanessa stormed out of the final bonfire.

The moment came as a major shock to Temptation Island fans, since the vast majority of their conversation was poised, mature, and understanding. Just when viewers thought Vanessa and Roberto could leave the island together, this bombshell dropped and Vanessa stormed out.

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Viewers expressed their disbelief at the situation, taking to Temptation Island Reddit to discuss the shocking scene.

“Mark praising them on emotional intelligence only for Vanessa to go bat sh*t insane 10 seconds later,” one fan observed.

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“Yeah I mean Vanessa is just digging her hole deeper and making Rob’s decision all the more easier,” another agreed.

Another fan chimed in, saying, “She went 0 to 100 real quick.”

Find out whether Vanessa and Roberto can make their relationship work by tuning into Temptation Island on the USA Network.