Special Forces Season 2: Who has left the competition?

Recruits lined up in Special Forces Season 2Fox

Special Force: World’s Toughest Test Season 2 pushes celebrities to their limits through extreme challenges. Here’s who is still left in the competition.

Special Force: World’s Toughest Test has returned for a second season to introduce even more intense training exercises for celebrities to complete. Special Forces features several Directing Staff instructors with a history in the Navy SEALS and the United States Recon Marines.

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown and former professional soccer player Carli Lloyd previously won the show’s first season.

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However, this time, Special Forces have added recruits like Tom Sandoval and JoJo Siwa to showcase their abilities. So, here’s who has been pushed too far and decided to leave the show.

Who has left Special Forces Season 2?

Fourteen celebrities were present at the start of Special Forces Season 2, but here are the recruits who couldn’t bear it anymore:

Tara Reid

Tara Reid on Special ForcesFox

Tara Reid left during the second episode after complaining about the heaviness of her backpack.

“The bag is so heavy. I can’t do it. My back’s killing me. It should be per weight per person,” she said before heading over her armband. “It’s not fair and I’m really in pain and it’s like, no one cares. This thing is a monster on my back. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna on Special ForcesFox

Blac Chyna previously struggled with knee pain during the first polar plunge mission. However, she was also reprimanded for her attitude by the Directing Staff (DS). She explained how she was too scared to run down the side of a dam, leading to her departure from the show during the second episode.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant on Special ForcesFox

During the second episode, footballer Dez Bryant revealed he was upset about missing his son’s birthday. While waiting for Blac Chyna on the dam, Dez cried out in pain due to the rigging hurting his stomach.

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“Get this s–t off of me! I’m out, f–k this s–t, I’m gone,” Dez yelled while throwing his gloves and helmet. “Don’t talk to me! Stop talking to me! I’m out!.”

Dez later returned and asked for another chance, but the Directing Staff couldn’t take back his decision to leave.

Robert Horry

Robert Horry on Special ForcesFox

Former basketball player Robert Horry left the competition on the morning of Day 3 before any challenges began.

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Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green on Special ForcesFox

Like Horry, Brian Austin Green departed the show on Day 3 before participating in any challenges.

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Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley on Special ForcesFox

Savannah Chrisley also decided to leave Special Forces during the third episode. She completed the first challenge but left before the backward dive.

“I think a big thing was this was the last show I watched with my parents before they left,” she revealed. “My mom watched it and she was like, ‘You could do that.’ And so I think that’s a big reason. But both my parents were just sentenced to a combined 19 years in federal prison.”

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Kelly Rizzo

Kelly Rizzo on Special ForcesFox

Rizzo, the wife of the late Bob Saget, left the competition during the show’s fourth episode. She decided to leave after struggling to move a boat that weighed 220 pounds.

During her departure, she spoke about how the Full House actor would have thought about her being on Special Forces.

“He would have been really proud and he would have been concerned for my safety and health,” she said. “It probably would have been really hard for him to see that last day, but ultimately, I think he would have been really proud of me.”

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Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne on Special ForcesFox

Jack Osbourne had been experiencing a high heart rate, causing him to see the show’s medical team. Consequently, the doctor encouraged him to drop out of the competition due to Jack’s Multiple Sclerosis.

“Your heart is getting almost twice as fast as what you normally run,” the doctor said. “I think with your history, you’ve got to take it seriously.”

Bode Miller

Bode Miller on Special ForcesFox

During Episode 7, Bode Miller became the ninth recruit to leave the competition. The Olympic skier suffered a groin injury and voluntarily withdrew after struggling to climb an icy mountain range.

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“I think that I wanna be tested. I’m always aware of my limitations and my age, but I’m confident of where I am. I know myself and my body really well,” he said.

Who is left in Special Forces Season 2?

The following celebrities still remain in the competition:

  • Tyler Cameron
  • Erin Jackson
  • Tom Sandoval
  • JoJo Siwa
  • Nick Viall

You can check out our reality TV coverage until the next episode of Special Forces airs on Fox on Mondays at 9 PM ET.

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