Selling The OC’s Polly Brindle exposes off-screen kiss with Tyler Stanaland

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Polly Brindle, star of Selling The OC Season 2, just revealed a moment between her and Tyler Stanaland that fans did not expect.

Selling The OC star Tyler Stanaland has had quite the romantic rollercoaster recently.

In July 2023, his divorce with his partner and actress Brittany Snow was finalized after two years of marriage.

Season 2 of the series has revealed to fans that he and his co-star Alex Hall are potentially forming a more romantic relationship together. 

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And now, another cast member from the show has shared that he has gotten intimate with someone else post-divorce.

Did Selling The OC’s Polly Brindle and Tyler Stanaland kiss?

On September 12, Polly appeared on an episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey.

It was during her interview that she revealed a moment where the two of them were passed out drunk and ended up kissing each other. 

She said, “…we stood by the door. And I think we gave each other a hug and just ended up with our faces rubbing on each other for an extended amount of time.”

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The reality TV star went on to clarify that the romantic moment did not turn into anything.

Polly said, “It was just like, ‘Oh, that happened.’ And nothing changed in our friendship. It was never an indication that something was going to happen like it was a drunken snog. And other people in the office knew immediately; it wasn’t a secret.”

Tyler hasn’t publicly responded to Polly revealing their moment to the world. But, because he was drunk, maybe he doesn’t even remember it happening.

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Either way, fans were not expecting that visual and wished that it was captured on camera.

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