Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Monica Garcia denies fake family claim

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is monica garcia;s family in bermuda real?

Monica Garcia of RHOSLC has come to her own defense after being accused of lying about having family in Bermuda.

Monica Garcia may be a newbie on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but her endless drama with the ladies has solidified her spot as a true housewife. However, Garcia’s incessant clashing with the women has also created a rift between her and them.

Not only that, but fans have come for Garcia as well. After Episode 14 of RHOSLC, fans of the show expressed thinking that Garcia lied about having family in Bermuda where the cast took their group trip.

Garcia has since come to her own defense, saying that the false family claims are not true.

Season 4 cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.
Season 4 cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

RHOSLC fans call Monica Garcia “dishonest”

It’s a tradition to go on at least one group trip during a Housewives season. So, this year, Garcia and castmate Heather Gay decided to plan the trip.

Having family in Bermuda, Garcia recommended the group go to the island of Pink Sands. While there, the ladies would celebrate Garcia’s birthday and meet her family members whom she had spoken highly of to the women.

However, Garcia’s family in Bermuda canceled at the last minute, sending her into an intense panic attack. Though the ladies rallied around her during the episode, after it aired, fans were skeptical about whether or not Garcia really had family out there.

Comments about Garcia’s made-up family included, “I thought it was fake.”

And, “Idk what it was, but there was something about her reaction that looked dishonest to me.”

After Garcia was met with the rumor that fans thought her family in Bermuda was nonexistent, she took to her Instagram story to defend herself, saying, “Production spoke with my family in Bermuda.”

She continued, “Communicated with them, met with them in Bermuda. Went to their homes and visited them. Signed stuff to film for my birthday and everything.”

Garcia went on, “So, people claiming I don’t have family there or it was a lie can continue to believe what they wish. It will not change the truth.”

Though it’s clear where Garcia stands on the “fake” family claims, her castmates have not commented on their opinions.

As for the next episode of RHOSLC, fans can catch up with the show next Tuesday on BravoTV at 8 PM EST.

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