Andy Cohen shuts down RHOSLC viewers saying Monica didn’t deserve her seat

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andy cohen at CBS Sunday Morning show

Andy Cohen responded to a question relating RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion seating chart on ‘Andy Cohen Live’ and put the whole debate to rest. Here is everything we need to know.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 reunion seating chart came out in the last week of November. Passionate Real Housewives fans have had a lot to say about the seating arrangements ever since.

The biggest talk point was the newbie Monica Garcia who got seated right beside Bravo’s head hunk and executive producer, Andy Cohen. Strong debate spurred across the RHOSLC fans and they argued if she deserved her place or not.

Many said she deserved it because her controversy with costar Jen Shah carried the show from episode 1. Others said being a newbie she did not deserve the spot and Meredith Marks might have made a better candidate for the spot.

What did Andy Cohen say about RHOSLC Reunion seating chart?

Andy Cohen with the Real Housewives of Miami during the Season 5 reunion.
Andy Cohen with the Real Housewives of Miami cast during their Season 5 reunion.

Andy Cohen appeared on SiriusXM show ‘Andy Cohen Live‘ and addressed the whole controversy surrounding the RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion seating chart. The host pointed out all the buzz surrounding Monica sitting next to him and asked if there had ever been a first-season Housewife sitting next to him before.

Andy said, “There have been quite a few. In 2014, this is the one I always remember, Kristen Taekman sat next to me on her first season of RHONY.” He then proceeded to remind fans of all the first-season Housewives who sat next to him during reunions. This list included Marlo Hampton, Shannon Beador, and Kenya Moore. It seems that the executive producer approves of Monica’s spot!

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