Love Island’s Amber Wise reveals she still has valuables in the villa after dumping

Meera Jacka
Love Island’s Amber Wise reveals she still has valuables in the villa after dumping

Love Island UK star Amber Wise was dumped from the season 10 villa and has since revealed in a TikTok that she still has belongings that have yet to be returned.

Entering Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell, 19-year-old Amber Wise was ultimately dumped from the show on day 44.

While in a friendship couple with Josh Brocklebank, the two were voted the public’s least favorite couple and told to pack their bags… well, not literally.

After all, Amber has now revealed in a TikTok that all belongings were packed for them, resulting in “14 items” of Amber’s being left behind in the villa.

Following her departure from the show, Amber posted a TikTok encouraging fans to leave any questions about Love Island in the comments.

Receiving hundreds of comments, Amber diligently went to work answering each question in a separate video, giving fans new insight into the reality TV show.

One of the questions came from a fan who noticed that Amber didn’t get the chance to pack up following her exit, asking “When [you] were dumped [you] didn’t return to the villa so did [you] get your stuff back?”

“No, unfortunately, we didn’t. I still have like 14 items still in the villa, which is so frustrating,” Amber responded. “And my Dyson is literally still in Mallorca somewhere. I don’t even know where it is because they took loads of our stuff like valuables before we went in.”

Fans were surprised by Amber’s answer, filling her comment sections with questions surrounding when she would be getting the valuables back.

Though one viewer in particular focused on what was really important in Amber’s answer, commenting, “Not the Dyson!! I wanna be buried with mine.”

Here’s to hoping Amber is reunited with her Dyson soon. For all the latest entertainment and reality TV news, be sure to check out our page here.