Love Island USA fans blast “villain” Marco after throwing Destiny under the bus

Simone Torn
Marco from Love Island USA season 5

Fans of Love Island USA are labeling season 5’s Marco as the “villain” of the villa after seemingly trying to sabotage Destiny. 

Things on Love Island really started to heat up after Marco told Destiny that he wanted to start dating other people in the villa.

This led to a heated argument between the coupled-up contestants that left fans divided. Destiny argued that because Marco had kissed her and tried to go all the way with her the night before, he was “marking his territory.”

Marco, on the other hand, argued that because they had only spent one night together, he didn’t owe her his full commitment. This led to Destiny memorably telling Marco “I don’t respect you.”

Did Marco try to throw Destiny under the bus?

Some fans believed Destiny was overreacting since it’s normal for Love Island contestants to explore their options. Others thought Marco was in the wrong for pushing Destiny to hook up with him on the first night, then turning his cheek in the other direction the moment he realized she wasn’t going to move that quickly with him. 

When 26-year-old newcomer Harrison entered the villa, the female contestants were immediately smitten. Yet no contestant was more eager to win him over than Jasmine, who claimed that she was “in love” with Harrison after a few conversations. 

Marco even had a chat with Harrison, gassing up Jasmine so that he’d pick her to couple up with. Many fans believe this was a strategic move on Marco’s part, claiming he was “plotting” to get Harrison coupled up with Jasmine, so that Destiny, whom Harrison was also interested in, would get kicked off the Island. 

“1000% get the feeling that Marco was trying to sabotage Destiny. I hope he’s the next to go,” one Reddit user wrote.

Marco’s plan didn’t end up working in his favor, because Harrison ultimately chose Destiny to couple up with. “I had to cackle when Harrison picked Destiny because Marco put in all that work for it to be Jasmine for nothing!!” another Reddit user wrote. “I just know he’s fuming lol it was weirdo behavior from the jump.”

Fans will have to continue to tune in to Love Island to uncover the fate of each couple in the villa.

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