Love Is Blind’s Stacy Snyder debuts new reality TV star boyfriend

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Love Is Blind's Stacy

Stacy from Love Is Blind might have just found her true love after her Izzy heartbreak, and he’s a Married At First Sight alum.

Stacy Snyder didn’t have the best experience on Love Is Blind, to say the very least. After meeting Izzy Zapata in the pods and getting engaged, their relationship started falling apart as soon as they were nearing their wedding day.

Ultimately, Stacy said no at the altar, and the two decided to go their separate ways. It’s been a while since the fifth season was filmed and Izzy hasn’t hidden the fact that he has since moved on with a new woman (who fans say looks just like Stacy).

Nevertheless, not only is Stacy over her ex but she has moved on as well. In fact, it’s someone reality TV fans already know very well.

Stacy Snyder from Love Is Blind

Who is Stacy Snyder from Love Is Blind Season 5 dating?

On February 22, Stacy took to social media to reveal that she has rebounded from her failed engagement with Izzy and is now dating Ryan Ignasiak.

You might remember him from Season 13 of Married At First Sight from back in 2021, in which he got married to Brett Layton. Their relationship was extremely short-lived and they made the decision to get divorced.

In the comments section of Stacy’s Instagram post, fans seem to be shipping their new relationship wholeheartedly, surprised at this romantic crossover.

One fan wrote, “Obsessed with this relationship omg. I love this so much!! You two are some of my favorites from both series. Yay!! ”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “The collision of reality TV worlds we’ve all been waiting for…”

Neither of their exes has publicly commented on their newly found love as of yet.

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