Love Is Blind’s Kelly Chase addresses body image comments

Kelly from Love Is BlindInstagram: @chaselifewithkelly

Kelly Chase from Love Is Blind Season 1 just put all of the rumors to rest about her recent weight loss.

Kelly rose to fame after starring in the first season of Love Is Blind. During the show, she met and got engaged to Kenny Barnes.

But, the couple ultimately split after Kelly said no to their marriage in the finale episode.

The reality TV star has since grown a large fanbase of over 300,000 Instagram followers. She also recently started a podcast called Chase Life With Kelly.

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Yesterday she took to social media to address some comments that were about her body.

What did Kelly from Love Is Blind say about her body image?

Critics have been discussing online that Kelly’s body has changed drastically since being on Love Is Blind. It was even suggested that she had surgery done because of her visible weight loss.

In response, she shared a few pictures of herself on Instagram to address the rumors.

Kelly captioned the photos and wrote, “please remember that there are less aggressive, more healing and loving ways to lose unwanted weight.”

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The reality TV star went on to defend losing weight in a natural way and went against the assumption of having a procedure done.

She wrote, “It makes me sad that surgery and cosmetic procedures is the first thing people assume when you look different.”

Her fans have since shared their support for her honesty in the comment section of the post.

One fan wrote, “I LOVE this post. Good for you for doing the work!”

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Another fan chimed in and wrote, “Beautiful inside and out! sending love right back at ya!!”

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