Kourtney Kardashian exposes “superficial” family in The Kardashians Season 3 teaser

Je'Kayla Crawford
Kourtney from The Kardashians

The Kardashians Season 3 star Kourtney just exposed her true feelings about their famous family. And Khloe did not seem to be a fan of her opinion.

With a family that is constantly in the spotlight, The Kardashians have leaned on each other to get through their moments in the media. Or so, that’s what viewers thought.

According to Season 3 of their newest series, The Kardashians, not all of the family members feel this universal love.

In a new teaser, it’s revealed that the upcoming season is going to dive into what Kourtney Kardashian really thinks about her family. 

What does Khloe say in The Kardashians Season 3 teaser?

Hulu released a new teaser for the season on May 16. In the clip, viewers get an insight into one of the first sibling arguments of Season 3.

Kourtney pulls her sister Khloe aside and discusses how she believes that their family is there for each other at only a surface level.

She said, “I was thinking about how in our family, we’re so good at celebrating and having fun. We’re also good at like lifting each other up when we’re in a crisis. But, in almost like a superficial way.”

Khloe quickly seemed to be offended by her statement and came in defense of the family in her confessional.

She said, “When there’s something pretty traumatic or devastating in the family, I feel like we’re always by that person’s side. That’s my experience. And if Kourt doesn’t feel that way, then I feel bad for her.”

It wasn’t clear which episode the snippet comes from. But, the first episode of the season will premiere on May 25 on Hulu.

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