How long is the Too Hot To Handle Season 5 retreat?

Je'Kayla Crawford
The Season 4 cast of Too Hot To Handle

Exactly how long is the retreat for Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle? Here is a look into how much time the singles have to win the show.

One of Netflix’s most popular reality TV shows is none other than Too Hot To Handle. The series spotlights several hopeful singles looking for love. But they have to keep their romantic temptations under control in order to win the competition.

While most of the relationships from the show have fallen through, several couples have remained strong. For example, Emily Faye Miller and Cam Holmes from Season 2 are still together.

With only a handful of episodes each season, is there really enough time for the contestants to get to know each other? Let alone, create genuine romantic relationships?

How long is the Too Hot To Handle Season 5 retreat?

Season 5 was filmed over the course of a month. A good time frame for how long each season is filmed was reported by Blurred Reality for Season 3.

“Talking about the shoot, Too Hot To Handle Season 3’s ten episodes was filmed in around 3-4 weeks, however, if we were to speak about the entire set-up and the arrival of the casts then, it took a month,” the outlet shared. 

As far as the rate the Netflix show is filmed, Too Hot To Handle is constantly in development.

Seasons 1 through 5 have been released on the streaming platform in only a span of three years. Netflix has not announced when Season 6 will be filmed, or if the series is renewed for another season at all.

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