Below Deck Down Under’s Captain Jason says that he’s “stepping back” in Season 2

Je'Kayla Crawford
Captain Jason from Below Deck Down Under

Captain Jason Chambers from Below Deck Down Under is releasing some of his controlling behavior in Season 2.

One of the main stars of Below Deck Down Under is Captain Jason Chambers. He made his reality TV debut in the premiere season, and will be returning for Season 2.

While he does rank high as one of the best captains across Below Deck shows, he does have some flaws.

Namely, viewers believe that he can get quite controlling when it comes to working with his staff.

And, judging by a new interview, he is well aware of the fan backlash and is hoping to make a change.

Is Below Deck Down Under’s Jason stepping back in Season 2?

On July 8, Captain Jason spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about this upcoming season and his role.

He said, “I am definitely stepping back a little bit more due to the structure of the boat. Thalassa was a big boat and it was a big boat for that crew to try and get together. And it was a lot of responsibility for me to hand over on day one.”

The reality TV star went on to admit that he might have gotten in the way of how the first season’s crew tried to operate.

Jason said, “So on season 1, I got involved and then pushed back and pulled back. So look, they’re on top of it. The weather wasn’t conducive to start. There wasn’t so much going on in the first charter or two. So they got to have that time to get to know the boat. And it was an easy boat to get to know in that regard. So I didn’t have to be hands-on. And when I did get hands-on, I probably got in the way a little bit.”

Viewers will soon see if the captain actually takes a step back for Season 2, or if his leadership ways will get the best of him. The upcoming season premieres on July 17.

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