Below Deck Down Under: Who is the new Chef?

Below Deck Down Under Who is the new chef?Bravo

Below Deck Down Under’s first season involved the dramatic firing of Chef Ryan McKeown. Now Season 2 is on the horizon and fans are wondering who is set to take on the role of chef.

The Below Deck chefs are always memorable; from starting arguments to disastrous dinners. And the show’s Australian spin-off Down Under has proven to be no different.

Season 1’s Chef Ryan McKeown was ultimately fired for his bad attitude and unsatisfactory cooking, resulting in the chef walking out in a flurry of explicit words and insults.

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Now Below Deck is preparing to air its second season, coming to Bravo on July 17. This has left many wondering what to expect from new Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph.

Chef TzarinaBravo
Chef Tzarina is set to join the crew on season 2 of Below Deck Down Under

On her Instagram, Chef Tzarina loves showing off her latest cooking creations, from elaborate breakfasts to desiccant desserts.

And it seems she is no stranger to yachting, with an impressive four years of experience under her belt so far.

Chef Tzarina shares her creations on InstagramInstagram: cheftzarina
Chef Tzarina shared her poached pear and confi duck on Instagram

Chef Tzarina hails from Bristol, England, and previously told Bravo what she does during her free time on yachts, “Sleep, watch movies, and sneak snacks into my cabin (unless someone wants to come in for a gossip).”

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This means viewers can surely expect Down Under’s new chef not to shy away from any of the drama that is sure to arise this new season.

And based on Below Deck season 2’s trailer, it seems Chef Tzarina is set to run into some of her own trouble in the upcoming season. One guest goes so far as to complain, “Why do you guys not understand that I’m lactose intolerant.”

Viewers will have to wait and see what exactly unfolds when the new season airs this month.

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