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Zero revealed as new Rainbow Six attacker in Operation Shadow Legacy

Published: 12/Aug/2020 2:00

by Andrew Amos


The crossover is real. Sam Fisher, the Splinter Cell hero, is joining Team Rainbow in Siege. He will be the only operator released in Rainbow Six’s Operation Shadow Legacy in Year 5 Season 3.

The leaks were true. Splinter Cell fans get hyped, because you’ll have the chance to play Sam Fisher in Siege. Fisher, codename Zero, will be joining Team Rainbow in Y5S3 as part of Operation Shadow Legacy.


Ubisoft shared a teaser on August 11, showing off the Splinter Cell veteran. “You should know better than writing me off. Consider this a teaching moment,” Fisher tells players.

There could have even been a subtle hint towards what his gadget might be. As he walks onto screen, the video turns green, like a radar image. Zero could potentially be equipped with cameras with that green hue on them which he can deploy.


This gadget would fall in line with leaks discovered earlier in the year. Then named Scout, Fisher’s gadget is a pistol that deploys a camera that can drill into walls. This camera will have a one-shot charge ⁠— like a Twitch drone ⁠— to take out utility, or be used as a regular cam.

However, this is all speculation for now, and will only truly be confirmed once the full reveal for Operation Shadow Legacy drops later this week.

When is the Rainbow Six Operation Shadow Legacy full reveal?

You won’t have to wait long to see how Sam Fisher works himself into Team Rainbow’s lineup. The official reveal for Operation Shadow Legacy will release on August 16 at 11am PT. If you are on the east coast, that’ll be 2pm ET, while those in Europe need to tune in at about 7pm BST.


Zero will be the only attacker released in Operation Shadow Legacy, as Ubisoft swap towards a new system of only releasing one operator a season.

S3/4 Operator Gadgets / Abilities from r/Rainbow6

This will free up development space to ship more features in Y5S3, like a potential replay system, or possibly the Ping 2.0 rework teased at Six Invitational.

A map rework is on the way, with either Chalet or Skyscraper getting an overhaul in Y5S3. Whichever map doesn’t get selected in Shadow Legacy will be reworked for Year 5 Season 4, Ubisoft has also confirmed.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six pros AceeZ and Korey punished for “sharing insider info”

Published: 28/Sep/2020 16:12

by Jacob Hale


Two Rainbow Six Siege professional players have been suspended from competitive play for “sharing insider information,” developers Ubisoft have revealed.

In a statement made on September 28, Ubisoft issued a “competitive ruling” pertaining to two players on Rogue’s R6 Pro League roster.


The official reason for the suspensions was described as “sharing insider information,” though some fans and even fellow pros have described it as “match-fixing.”

That said, Ubisoft clearly haven’t seen enough evidence to describe the incident, which is explained in more detail below, as match-fixing.

Rainbow Six Rogue vs Team Empire
YouTube: SiegeGG
The match in question took place between Rogue and Six Invitational champions Team Empire.

The two players in question are Rogue’s Maurice ‘AceeZ’ Erkelenz and Lucas ‘korey’ Zwingmann, in regards to a match played against Team Empire in April 2020, which Rogue lost 7-5.

According to Ubisoft’s blog post, both players allegedly had private conversations with outsiders, confirming that their team would lose the match to Empire, having “been asked for insider information in the context of a clear and conspicuous goal of betting on an upcoming match.”

As a result, both players are being punished by Ubisoft. AceeZ will face a 3-match suspension in the European League, while teammate korey has been issued with a Warning, which will “effectively reinforce any future sanctions korey may be subject to.”

Rogue R6 Pro League champions
Twitter: Rogue
Rogue went on to become Season 11 Pro League champions.

Furthermore, Rogue have been issued a competitive fine of $5,000, which will be issued as a deduction of any prize money that Rogue may obtain through their participation in the Rainbow Six circuit.

In a statement released shortly after the suspension and warning were handed out, Rogue addressed the ruling, sharing that they, too, had taken action against the accused and issued contractual penalties to the players in question.

AceeZ made a public apology on Twitter to both his teammates and their fans, while korey has not commented, only retweeting Rogue’s statement.


It’s unclear why the two players received different punishments, but both they and their peers will be much more careful sharing insider information about matches in the future or receive even harsher punishments.