The Inside Story of G2’s Remarkable Rainbow Six Resurgence


The story of G2 Esports is one of the most incredible in the history of Rainbow Six Siege competitive play. They have quite literally redefined the rules of what can constitute a successful roster, and are doing everything they can to find their way back to the top. 

When it comes to Rainbow Six Siege, there are rules about how the game must be played. Teams need to probe an objective, play slowly and build up their attack or defence around smart, patient picks.

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On March 3, G2 ripped up this rule book, and announced a new ‘super’ roster, consisting of five fraggers and “no bullsh*t.” It is the first time such a roster has been trialled, with Rainbow Six generally being dominated by objective plays.

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This video chronicles the strength of G2’s roster, as far back as when they were known as PENTA. Their dominance continued, before collapsing for unclear reasons, causing some of the most significant roster changes the R6 pro scene has ever seen.

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Away went Fabian and Cryn, in came CTZN and Virtue. Five fraggers, competing for one goal together – to be the world’s best Rainbow Six Siege roster, once again.

Will it pay off? How can they topple Rogue? Whatever happens, we’re in completely uncharted waters.