Rainbow Six Siege launches new limited-time Attrition arcade playlist

Andrew Amos
Nokk in Rainbow Six Siege

The new Attrition arcade playlist for Rainbow Six is here. If you’re a one-trick pony, you might wait to stay away though, as it’s going to test how deep your Operator pools are in Siege.

New season equals new Arcade playlist. Siege players have been treated to some pretty amusing modes so far in Year 5, including Golden Gun and Stolen Goods.

However, Attrition is taking a turn to something that, while fun, also has a bit of strategy behind it. It is also a chance to learn some new Operators, as some of your favorite, meta-defining picks will be quickly locked away from you.

While we originally predicted Attrition to come in Year 5 Season 3, it’s here early. If you want to learn more about the new gamemode, including how to play, read on below.

What is Attrition in Rainbow Six?

Attrition is a new arcade playlist for Rainbow Six: Siege. The general overview of how it works is if you win a round, you won’t be able to select the Operators you used again for the rest of the match.

“In this Arcade, winning is the challenge. Every time a team wins a round, the Operators selected on that round remain locked for that team for the rest of the match. It’s time to switch things up and see who else you can play with,” the in-game tooltip states.

This means that as you win more rounds, the number of Operators you can use decreases. If you want to play this mode strategically, then you’ll have to be careful about overloading your squads early ⁠— like don’t pick all the hard breachers and win the first round if you are on attack.

However, like all Arcade playlists, they are better if you take them less seriously. By the end of it, both teams could be running some pretty funny compositions. Who knew Warden would finally be meta in Attrition? Plus, if you beat your opponents 3-0, it’s one hell of a flex.

Attrition in Rainbow Six Siege
Get ready to dust off some off-meta picks in Attrition.

How long will the Attrition playlist run for?

The Attrition arcade mode is only live for a few short days in Rainbow Six. If you want to try out the fun mode for yourself, you’ll have until July 13 to do so.

There’s no guarantee that the mode will ever make a return, either. While Ubisoft has pledged to bring more Arcade playlists to Siege, it could be some time until they get repeated. So, if you want to play Attrition, you’ll need to download the new patch and get cracking.