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Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six player goes viral with unbelievable skill using only his feet

Published: 30/Aug/2021 12:57 Updated: 30/Aug/2021 13:08

by Sam Comrie


Rainbow Six Siege’s signature sweaty gameplay often leads to incredible moments, but, PacoMgShark is redefining the meaning of beast mode against his enemies. 

Year six of Rainbow Six Siege is still bringing in heaps of players. Offering a more refined approach to the FPS genre, Siege’s coordinated gameplay is still as addictive as ever. Over 50 operators are readily available at the player’s disposal too. No matter how fans want to play Siege, there is style waiting to be mastered.

Some players are redefining what it means to be a beast, pushing the boundaries of skill further.

PacoMgShark is one such player taking everyone to school in Siege, but he’s doing it in his own unique style too.


Rainbow Six Osa shield Operation Crystal Guard
Osa is launching as Rainbow Six’s newest attacker in Operation Crystal Guard.

Shark in the waters

PacoMgShark, a national Paralympic swimming champion in Mexico, is also a highly enthusiastic gaming YouTuber. Mainly dabbling in Ubisoft titles, Paco’s tenacity is a sight to behold.

Dealing out mystifying plays with only his feet, Paco Martínez Garcíá is a supreme asset on any Siege squad.

Using his unique keybinds to claim some elite victories, Paco utilizes some nifty gear to obliterate unsuspecting rivals with his feet. Wiping an entire squad with unrivaled precision, Paco’s unique skills are being recognized throughout the community as one recent clip has gone viral.

“Bro you’re better than majority of the siege community” an awe-inspired player commented. Paco’s praise doesn’t just appear to be coming from fans either. FNATIC’s Siege star Alphama took time to leave Paco a wholesome message: “You’re inspiring man, amazing, absolutely amazing”.


Qualifying for Gold in ranked Siege within one week, Paco’s Siege career is shining brighter with each win in the bag.

Who knows what incredible feats he will claim next.