Rainbow 6 Siege devs have discussed animal companion for new op

Bill Cooney

Could one of the two new operators that are coming to Rainbow Six Siege this year have a canine companion? It is a possibility, if Ubisoft’s internal brainstorming discussions are anything to go by.

Alexander Karpazis, the presentation director for Rainbow Six Siege, has revealed one of the most talked about ideas for new operators, and it’s not your usual soldier.

Developers for Siege have always said they have a goal of getting 100 total playable operators into the game, so they’re always on the look out for new ideas.

Siege players could get a new best friend

Karpazis was answering Siege fans’ questions on an episode of Wired’s Tech Support when one player asked if an operator with a dog would ever be added to the game.

“This is something that we’ve talked about for a while,” Karpazis responded. “Our creative director always talks about a K9 unit.”

Karpazis stopped short of confirming whether or not RS6 would be getting a K9 operator, but he continued the conversation going with the fan,  asking another question in response.

“But to answer your question, I have to ask you a question,” he replied. “Are you okay with shooting a dog?”

It’s also interesting to think about how a dog operator could work in Siege, would it be controlled by AI? Or would it be incorporated as a gadget of some kind? If Ubisoft developers have talked about it before, it must be something they’ve considered.

UbisoftRainbow Six has a wide range of operators already, but a K-9 would definitely be a first.

Rainbow Six players want to see a dog operator

The idea of an operator with  K-9 companion has been a popular topic of discussion for fans on Reddit as well.

Just this week, one of the top-voted posts on the Siege subreddit was a cartoon about what an operator with a dog could look like in the game.

As Karpazis touched on, the cartoon K-9 is vulnerable to bullets, but his puppy eyes would make him hard for any player with a heart to take out.

Ubisoft still has two new operators to add still in 2019, one from India and one from Kenya, but whether either of them will come with a dog sidekick remains to be seen.

A K-9 equipped operator certainly seems to be popular among Siege fans and developers and it poses some unique challenges and questions about how the game operates, so it would be very interesting to see how Ubisoft would incorporate it.

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