BikiniBodhi claims he was hacked after Rainbow Six cheating ban

Jacob Hale
BikiniBodhi Rainbow Six banned cheating

[jwplayer Rx45cO49]Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber BikiniBodhi has said that he was hacked, after receiving a permanent ban for cheating in Ubisoft’s hit FPS.

BikiniBodhi has become one of the game’s most popular content creators, amassing 1.44m subscribers on YouTube and regularly showing off his talents with new Operators and educating viewers on how to become top-tier players.

Now, though, he’s been banned for cheating — but has immediately responded by saying that his account was hacked and appears to be trying to get the situation sorted.

BikiniBodhi Clash cosplay
BikiniBodhi has become one of the biggest names in Siege.

The Swedish native, who is a streamer under Fnatic, appears to have woken up to the news on the morning of July 29, absolutely none the wiser to what was going on until he dug into it.

In a tweet he posted following the incident, BikiniBodhi told Ubisoft’s official support account that “my account was hacked while I was asleep and I was permanently banned for cheating, which obviously wasn’t me.”

In the screenshots provided, he shows several messages between himself and someone else, in which the other person says he thinks the account got “anti-cheat banned” and an implication that fellow content creator Macie Jay may have been hit, too.

The following screenshots were simply confirmation of his ban — an email and a graphic from Ubisoft themselves.

The graphic says that BikiniBodhi “breached our Code of Conduct” and that his account has “been permanently banned for Cheating.”

It also says that the ban is effective immediately and prevents him from participating in online content in Rainbow Six Siege.

In a follow-up tweet, Bikini says that someone in New York managed to bypass his two-factor authentication somehow and got him banned.

Apparently this isn’t a one-off incident, though, as pro player Kevin ‘Easilyy’ Skokowski responded saying that this has happened to multiple content creators and pro players already — meaning the situation could actually be much bigger than initially thought.

How Ubisoft respond to the incident remains to be seen. If BikiniBodhi is innocent, they will want to get ahead of the situation and reverse his ban, as well as look into how this could be happening, especially as it’s affecting so many top players.