xQc quiz: How well do you know one of Twitch’s top streamers?

Bill Cooney

Canadian streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most famous faces on Twitch today, but how well do you know the Overwatch esports legend turned gaming warlord? Take our quiz to find out.

Love him or hate him, xQc has gone from being one of the biggest Overwatch streamers to one of the biggest influencers on Twitch overall, and his path has had twists and turns like no other.

Following his unceremonious exit from the Overwatch League after just a few matches and an initial suspension, Felix was a bit of a pariah in the community until he rebuilt those burnt bridges to come back as one of the biggest stars for Canada in subsequent World Cups.

Controversial as he is, xQc is undoubtedly one of the biggest content creators on Twitch right now, as any reliable list of the top earners on the platform will tell you. No longer chained to just playing Overwatch, Felix branches out to a variety of streaming options and is willing to try almost any game his chat expresses interest in.

There are years of xQc lore out there to draw from, so we gathered some facts any true fan should know to test whether you know your stuff, or have been accidentally watching Ninja instead and are just confused.

So, how did you end up doing? Did you secure the Juice, or realize that you might not know as much about Felix as you thought you did?

There are definitely some questions that will throw you for a bit of a loop, and possibly one or two that you may have witnessed yourself if you’re a long-time viewer, but anyone that’s been watching xQc for a while should at least be getting 10 on this.

As always, stick with Dexerto for all the latest updates on your favorite streamers and influencers, including xQc, so the next time you’re ever questioned about your Twitch knowledge, it will be no sweat at all.

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