PCS4 Americas Grand Finals: Players to Watch in Week One

Ty Brody

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PUBG Esports gets underway in the PCS4 Americas Grand Finale this week, and there are a few players worth keeping an eye on as the matches begin to unfold.

Getting out to a strong start and establishing a lead early could prove crucial for teams during this series. Following the two-day set of matches, the leaderboard is going to reset, making it more important than ever to separate yourself from the pack early on.

Match wins are the name of the game during the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals, so which players are going to lead their team to the most Chicken Dinners while competing in this new format? Previously, the top fragger for each squad would be a solid candidate for the team’s most valuable player. However, while playing the ‘Most Chickens’ format of PCS4, the success of the team could rest heavier than ever before on the shoulders of the in-game leader.

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With that said, there are some players who rise to the occasion and bail their team out of tricky situations. IGL or not, these players know how to win fights and even if you’re in a perfect position, that’s going to be necessary at some point in the match.

1. PurdyKurty, TSM FTX

Making in-game decisions that are quickly determined to be the right one or not will always command the respect of any PUBG player. Serving as the team’s IGL at the highest level of PUBG Esports is one that few players desire and has taken its toll on those who weren’t cut out for it. TSM’s PurdyKurty has made critical decisions in the moment for his squad for years and the team’s list of achievements speaks to his effectiveness operating in that role.

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During the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals, PurdyKurty will be an important player to keep your eye on as the matches play out for TSM. His contribution to the team goes further than an in-game leader who takes a backseat during team fights – PurdyKurty was a top-six player in the PCS4 North America Group Stage with 38 Kills and 28 Assists over 20 matches. He dealt an average of 285 damage across those matches, good enough for seventh in the Group Stage.

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2. TGLTN, Soniqs

If there’s any single player that’s a sure bet for at least one incredible highlight, it’s TGLTN. Since joining the Soniqs last season, he’s remained at the top of the region’s leaderboards for Kills and Damage Dealt while making it happen in brilliant form. The team’s success has been a collective effort, Soniqs have an incredible starting four players and their coach is one of the best in the business. While the new format may not lend itself to TGLTN or his high-flying playstyle, you can count on the Soniqs to adapt to this meta and find their fair share of Chicken Dinners this upcoming week.

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3. Sparkingg, Dignitas

His emergence while a member of Meta Gaming as we approached PGI.S caught the attention of fans beyond the LATAM region. Shortly after his arrival in Korea on the international stage, Sparkingg cemented himself as one of PUBG’s most electrifying players to watch as he rose through the ranks and into PUBG Esports stardom. Following PGI.S, his addition to the already young and talented Zenith Esports surprised the competitive scene. Zenith’s roster lost a lot after PGI.S, but signing Sparkingg made up for it quickly. Now, the team’s signed with Dignitas and enter their first event under their new org’s banner.

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He led all players in Kills during the PCS4 North America Group Stage and came in second for Damage Dealt. He’s a player that can turn a team fight around in a hurry with his sharp gunplay and ability to catch opponents off guard. Dignitas have a well-balanced team coming into the Grand Finals, but Sparkingg could be the team’s difference-maker.


The Pick Em’ Challenge has returned in-game for PCS4, allowing fans to predict the champion of each regional tournament for a chance to win exclusive gear. Check out our breakdown of the PCS4 story so far for more information on how to take part in the pick’em challenge.

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You can catch all the PCS4 action at twitch.tv/pubg, youtube.com/PUBGEsports, and tiktok.com/@pubg.esports.official.

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